QCSL "ranks" its players so as to ensure the best possible level and balance of competition for all divisions.
La QCSl classe ses joueurs afin de s’assurer d’avoir le meilleur niveau de jeu possible et l'équilibre pour toutes ses divisions.
Note: QCSL reserves the right to rerank any player at any point in the season.
Note: A player playing in the QCSL world cup league or A division is NOT automatically classified as an A player.
Note: X division is strictly recreational. The league will determine the rank of each individual player accordingly. The league has the right to modify or change a player ranking at any time to ensure the level of fairness throughout this division as best as possible.

This system is effective as of June, 1st 2010
Rankings: "A" = Competitive | "B" = Semi-Competitive | "C" = Semi-Recreational | "R" = Recreational
NOTE: "R" ranked players are unlimited in ALL divisions

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